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Flood relief Camp With Metropolitan Dr. K.P.Yohannan

Happy to be part of Flood relief activities done by Believers Eastern Church and Believers Church Medical College Hospital. Metropolitan Dr.K.P.Yohannan had visited the medical camp that was conducted in Govt U.P.School near Nalukodi, Thiruvalla on 20/8/18 to distribute relief materials. Watch the video.

Speeches in Lakshadweep

As a part of the peripheral postings, I was deputed as consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in Rajiv Gandhi Specialty Hospital, Agatti, Lakshadweep. My passion towards that place reached such an extent that the natives embraced me as a son of the soil. Apart from the Orthopaedic activities, I was actively involved in the Philanthropic activities of the island. One day I took up a seemingly impossible challenge of cleaning up the island and to start off from the airport. The air strip was almost completely surrounded by the beautiful white sandy beach. On a Sunday morning, I took 3 extra huge sacks and started from one end of the Airstrip to collect the plastic bottles and garbages. To my astonishment, the sacks were full within 200 metres of the start. It was safely disposed. The importance of garbage disposal especially in a small island like Agatti was instilled frequently into the minds of the islanders through health education. blood-donation-001disabled-day-001img_2212img_2214img_2211


img_2213I was called as guest and speaker to various programs of the arts& sports clubs, schools in the island. One of them was the Blood donation awareness camp conducted by Jawahar arts and sports club in 2012 inaugurated by Deputy Collector where I gave Keynote address regarding the importance of blood donation.

I gave talks in various kindergarten and Senior Basic    schools in the island during the year. In January,2014 I gave a talk to the parents in a Junior Basic school as a part of International day for the disabled. Several health education camps were done in Agatti hospital also

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1.” The family requires a team leader and not a boss. A team leader is just the one who is more proactive than the other”

2.”If society blames you as a bad person, do not blame your parents for making you one

But admit and change yourself, for the parents wont be there with you always

And the society will still be there to blame you”


3.” Forget about yesterday and

Look at tomorrow

through a peaceful today”


4.” The magnitude of our ego is inversely proportional the the number of times we utter three words in our life;

Please, Sorry and Thank you”


5.”The color I like most is

White when it is milk

Brown when its chocolate

Red when its the rose

Blue when its the sky

Green when its deep forest  and

Black when its the dress

of a Beautiful lady”


6.” Dont seek for me

Its time to go

As always wished

I want to be a wagabond”


7.” My aim in life; to work in peace

and after life; to rest in peace”


8.”What more ! I have already attained contentment in life and it shall remain so for the rest of time”


9.” Be happy with what you have

Because there are people around you

Who are happy with less than what you have”


10.” All radii lead to same centre point of the circle. They turned 90 degrees thinking about short cuts and walked around the perimeter. Now they see more radial lines and jump again;still revolving not able to make it to the centre. This is the story of those who jump from one denomination or religion to the other”


11.”People say I am shabby because I care not for this temporary mud house from which I am to be taken up soon”


12.”In this era, you might not be able to stop someone from taking junk food. But you can tell them, do not let the junk food eat you”


13.” Nature is calling you; come with passion, leave some compassion”


14.” Love nature like you love your children, If not

your children will hate to for giving them a dirty world”


15.” Time to say No to cola

save precious water for our children”


16.” Black money – a reason for rise in cost of living as people with it have no time to bargain and no shame to bribe”